50 Family Holiday Activities

Earlier this week, I wrote about why I am now a bucket list convert and how they don’t have to be over-the-top, guilt-ridden experiences; in fact, they can be wonderful reminders to stop, connect, and enrich our family lives.

Today, I want to share with you 50 Family-Friendly Holiday Activities — ideas that are flexible enough to be added to your Advent Calendar, or go on a season-long Winter Bucket List.

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Toddler Winter Sensory Bin – and Preschool Empathy Building!

We created two winter sensory bins this week, as our snow melted and the children mourned what they all believed to be the end of winter. (I wish!)

Today, I’m sharing the one that I had the preschoolers help me prepare for the toddlers, but be sure to check out our preschool winter sensory bin as well! Involving the preschoolers ended up being an awesome empathy building activity.

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Winter Provocation

I love setting out Reggio-style provocations for the kids and watching each one approach the materials differently. While what we are discussing as a group will likely shape their approach slightly, a successful invitation will not churn out mirror-image replicas.

This week I decided to set out a winter-inspired Reggio provocation and see where they would bring it.

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Hot Chocolate Play Dough – with Play Dough Marshmallows!

It started snowing here in Canada this past week, rather unexpectedly. Some of the daycare kids didn’t even have mittens yet, so our outdoor time was bursts and spurts throughout the week, supplemented by time in the rec room.

As a fun winter play invitation, I thought making some hot chocolate play dough and a batch of our marshmallow play dough would be a fun and warming treat for the preschoolers. The toddlers played with the marshmallow play dough… mostly by eating and tasting it.

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Healthy Hot Chocolate Printable Recipe

Hot chocolate is one of my favourite winter indulgences. As much as we love a good cup of tea in our house, there is nothing quite like coming inside from a snowy exploration and having a warm cup of hot chocolate waiting for you.

On one particularly dreary day this week, the kids and I set to work in the kids’ kitchen and created this healthy hot chocolate recipe.

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24 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

I love our store bought advent tree —  for DIY points, I did have to create a replacement door for it. Last year, I put slips of paper about what we were going to do that day in each compartment, along with a dollhouse miniature that symbolized the activity (which served the dual purpose of introducing our Pink Language Series). It was great, but not something I can see myself doing year after year, and I do feel a bit limited with the size of the cubicles.

I love that these DIY advent calendar ideas can be customized to your family and child, as it can be really hard to find a nice, well-made advent calendar in stores that suits your purposes. Instead of spending your time searching, why not spend a few minutes on one of these fun DIYs!

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Winter Bucket List

This past summer was the first time Miss G and I attempted a bucket list. It was a fun experience, but I think that’s because we did things a little bit differently.

Usually, bucket lists are are ambitious and can leave parents feeling like they failed to give their children an awesome season/year/childhood.

For us, I decided to incorporate a lot of little rituals and pleasures, the kinds that involve little preparation, no special materials, and can be squeezed in when you only have a few flexible moments in a day. While I admire the parents who are trying to give big magical childhoods to their children (I am a Pinterest Parent, after all), I knew that would just be too much pressure, so I limited my list to 30 ideas to cover over 3 months, and only 5 were really “big” list items.

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There is No Bad Weather, Only Inappropriate Clothing

The title of this post is a German saying that I love. I live in Canada — it’s cold and 6 months of winter is not unheard of. Proper winter gear can make the difference between creating positive memories and outdoor experiences, or ensuring a child remembers Winter as miserable, cold, and wet.

My gang regularly spends over an hour outside every day in the Winter (sometimes broken up into two sessions), so I wanted to share what styles of winter clothing have worked best and will help your child make the most of their outdoor time this Winter.

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