There is No Bad Weather, Only Inappropriate Clothing

The title of this post is a German saying that I love. I live in Canada — it’s cold and 6 months of winter is not unheard of. Proper winter gear can make the difference between creating positive memories and outdoor experiences, or ensuring a child remembers Winter as miserable, cold, and wet.

My gang regularly spends over an hour outside every day in the Winter (sometimes broken up into two sessions), so I wanted to share what styles of winter clothing have worked best and will help your child make the most of their outdoor time this Winter.

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10 Colour Mixing Activities + Mix It Up Review

Colour mixing is one of the first art activities that most Montessori Primary children engage in, and it is a fundamental concept that children can later build on in other activities, including Reggio-style provocations.

Today, I wanted to share with you five successful invitations that my children enjoyed, a new favourite book, and some fun (mess-free) colour mixing ideas from my fellow bloggers.

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Milk and Dish Soap Experiment

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that we did this milk and dish soap science experiment so long ago and haven’t shared it with you yet!

Basically, we found this really cool science experiment that is quick to set up, uses household ingredients you already own, is easy to clean up, and is attractive to children who are bored by science yet excited by art.

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Black and White Painting Provocation

A cornerstone of the Reggio Approach to Early Childhood Education is setting up provocations that are open-ended and child-directed. Children should be able to create freely with the materials provided, even if their set-up and design suggests a specific use.

Sometimes provocations are used to explore a specific concept, while still being open to individual interpretation. The Language of Art suggests that one of the first provocations that children explore should be exploring black and white paints.

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Organize a Homemade Play Dough Kit

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to make a batch of homemade play dough, and halfway through found out that we were completely out of cream of tartar, or realized that the food dyes are in the basement, or knocked out half of the baking cupboard to get to the flour.

(I’m a total mess.)

Putting together a homemade play dough kit is such a simple idea that has saved me so much time and energy. Having all of the supplies ready-to-go makes it more likely that I will actually want to make play dough when the kids start asking!

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Fail-proof, No-cook Play Dough Recipe

I used to be a staunch believer that play dough had to be cooked on the stove for the best results. I had tried several no-cook recipes and they never lasted as long as our cooked version did, and always seemed to get sticky with more play. (Ick.)

However, after having to scrap burnt play dough bits off of a pan one time too many, I decided to just play around and see if I could turn my cooked version into a no-cook play dough recipe with some simple tweaks.

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Why “Getting the Aggression Out” Is a Myth

Aggression breeds aggression. It is undeniable, and yet, many parent still turn to it in a variety of scenarios: letting their children beat up a pillow to “get the aggression out;” trying to spank the angry out of their child; signing children up for combat sports; and so on.

When I was a child it was a popular idea to buy inflatable punching buddies for aggressive or angry moments, but we know now that physical “releases” like punching an object doesn’t actually release the angry feelings, it creates an adrenaline rush that encourages more “angry” actions, further exciting a child rather than calming him.

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Mama Musing: Yoga for Moms

Before becoming a mother, I was a devoted yogi, but my pregnancy was really difficult, especially in terms of nausea. Despite being on medication and taking many preventative measures, my swelling and nausea never came under control and I ended up having to stop driving and go off work early, so you can imagine that prenatal yoga was out of the question.

As a new mom, it was hard to justify any form of work out. Initially, you are just struggling to feed yourself and this new being; I did manage to make it to a few free Lululemon classes, but Miss G often slept past the time we needed to be up by in order to attend, and goodness knows you don’t wake a sleeping baby.

So, excuses excuses excuses, it’s been almost four years since I have had any sort of regular work out or yoga practce.

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