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Kids Kitchen: Homemade Pizza

We’re interrupting our usual schedule of kids’ activities, parenting inspiration, and family-friendly food to bring you 31 days of Kids Kitchen Recipes and Activities. We’re kicking off our series with a family favourite, our easy healthy recipe for homemade pizza! First, start off with making your dough. It will need a little time to rise, so […]

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31 Days of Kids Kitchen Activities

We’re taking a break from our regular schedule of kids’ activities, easy healthy recipes, and parenting inspiration to bring you 31 Days of Kids’ Kitchen Activities! If you’ve been reading Study at Home Mama for more than a few weeks, you’ll know that we are a foodie family and Miss G is a dedicated little […]

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Shrimp Scampi Recipe

We’ve been going through a seafood kick recently, which has given me a chance to do some experimentation and develop some easy, healthy recipes using fresh and sustainable seafood. One of our favourites is this easy, healthy shrimp scampi recipe which takes less than 15-minutes from start to finish. Fresh shrimp can be hard to […]

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July Goals: Taking a Break

Oh my gosh, what a month. I’m still reeling – how am I writing my July goals today? This year, I’m trying to move my family closer to simple living and every month I’m sharing my goals to keep track of our progress and keep pushing ourselves further towards our goals. This month, I’m taking […]


Floating Turtle Craft

Miss G is currently going through a bit of a mermaid obsession (as you can see with our mermaid teepee, mermaid slime, and mermaid lunches), and I’ve tried to use that interest in our homeschooling by focusing on oceans – geographic ocean placement, ocean life, and so on. Recently, after observing some videos of how different […]


CVC Worksheets: F CVC Words

Alecia from Learning2Walk has generously prepared another set of free CVC worksheets for us — this time focusing on F CVC words. These CVC worksheets are not a traditional Montessori material, but they use Montessori concepts to teach children how to read CVC words using three-part cards and a set of fill-in-the-blank cards. The three part cards consists of two sets […]

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Seafood Meal Plan

One of my favourite thing about summer is that seafood becomes local and affordable where I live (not to mention sustainable). This week’s 7-day healthy meal plan relies heavy on the sea for inspiration. Miss G is going through a bit of a seafood kick (I blame Mako Mermaids). I normally try to ensure that […]


7 Ideas for Playing with Flowers

While we love studying botany, sometimes it can just be fun to play with flowers. Here are the top seven ways we’ve enjoyed playing with flowers while exploring botany for kids. There are so many more than seven ways to play with flowers — but here are seven easy and frugal ways to play with […]

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Montessori Practical Life Lesson: The Snap Dressing Frame

It’s another Montessori dressing frame day! Today we’re highlighting the snap frame. In each of our Montessori practical life lessons, we try to point out a little bit about the technique and theory behind the Montessori practical life lessons. For me, the excitement in the Montessori method is not just that the child learns how […]

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What Kids Eat Wednesdays 7

Welcome to Week 7 of What Kids Eat Wednesdays, where you can find some great family food ideas and connect with other like-minded parents. Every Wednesday, you can look forward to finding the best kids kitchen ideas, easy healthy recipes for your family, and even learning and sensory activities for kids involving food! We will check out […]

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