Montessori and the Senses

I don’t know how many times I’ve typed the word “excited” over the past month, but this challenge has just been so wonderful for getting in the mindset for bringing Montessori back into our home after a bit of a summer break. Today, I have convinced Nicole Kavanaugh from the Kavanaugh Report to take a moment from snuggling her gorgeous new baby and craft a challenge for #30daystoMontessori on exploring the senses, Montessori-style!

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Independence with Diapers

Today we welcome back Meghan Sheffield from Milkweed Montessori for another guest post in our #30daystoMontessori challenge! Today Meghan is discussing respectfully diapering children and encouraging independent diapering, which are in line with my previous posts on Montessori approaches to toilet learning, here and here.

For those of you who are not in the diapering stage of life anymore (whoa-hoo!) I wanted to give you a related challenge — empowering your child to help dress themselves. There are many ways to do this, from setting up dressing areas to teaching them how to fasten their clothing by practicing with their own clothes, dolls, or dressing frames. I’ll list some links at the bottom of this post.

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Let Them Walk

Building on yesterday’s challenge, Getting Out the Door, today Simone Davies from Jacaranda Montessori challenges us to take our half hour today to go for a walk and let our children walk. (And although she says to leave the mobile phone at home, I won’t mind if you take it along with you and snap some pictures to share with me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter — just be sure to turn notifications off so that you can stay “in the moment.”)

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Getting out the Door

I hope you enjoyed your catch-up day yesterday, today we are back with a fun #30daystoMontessori challenge from Meghan Sheffield of Milkweed Montessori — how to use principles from the Montessori Method to help your children get ready for outside. We will build on this challenge tomorrow, so make sure to sign up for my daily posts via e-mail, or follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

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Take it to the Mat!

One of the most important principles of Montessori is orderly and defined work space. This past week in the #30daystoMontessori challenge, we’ve been working on establishing order in our child’s and our own environments.

Today, I’m going to show you the benefits of using a work mat (or similar alternative) for helping your child build respect and responsibility in both their play and their work. (This challenge is especially wonderful for those with multiple children!)

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Homeschool Practical Life Shelf for Multiple Ages

A big factor in Montessori is the environment being set up for children. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to set up some form of self-serve area in your home, so our next challenge in the #30daystoMontessori series won’t be too much of a stretch: create a practical life shelf!

If you’d like to read about why practical life shelves should still be used in the home, check out Racheous’ awesome post.

Marie Mack from Child Led Life joins us today for this #30daystoMontessori challenge! Marie has two children with a bit of an age difference between them, so for those of you with multiple ages in the home, this will give you some practical advice for setting up a practical life shelf for them.

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Slow Down

Yesterday’s challenge was a big one, and I know it was likely to stir up some emotions and guilt for some — believe me, I am at once defensive and challenged by my perpetual clutter. I’m working on it, and I’m so thankful to have others working on it alongside me.

For our #30daystoMontessori series today, I have a beautiful guest post from Simone Davies of Jacaranda Tree Montessori which I think will be restorative for many of us.

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