Cute & Easy Bunny-Themed Lunch for Kids

Even though I am home all day with the kids, we tend to do at least one bento box lunch every week to prepare the preschoolers for next year.

This week, I prepared this cute & easy bunny-themed kids’ lunch for Easter, but it would also be cute at any time of year!

Cute & Easy Bunny-themed Kids lunch for Easter or just for fun! Plus other cute Easter snacks and lunch ideas [Read more…]

10 Steps to Stop Permissive Parenting

Last week, I discussed the concept of permissive parenting and how it differs from positive parenting.

Today, I wanted to provide 10 Steps to Stop Permissive Parenting, but I want to first establish that this is a no-judgement post.

This post is intended to be a guide for those who identify themselves as struggling with permissive parenting and want to change their parenting style to be more in line with positive parenting. Permissive parenting can often have some difficult roots and causes, so please be gentle with yourself and others that you identify as permissive parents. Seek and provide support whenever you feel you need it.

A kind & thorough post on how to stop being a permissive parent, and start using positive discipline to encourage positive behaviour in children. 10 steps and encouragement to change. [Read more…]

Does it Make You Happy? The Ultimate Goal of Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t about having 100 items or less.

It’s not about white walls or modern furniture.

And it’s not about extreme living or deprivation.

It’s about reducing and removing all of the clutter from our lives, be it physical, mental, emotional, or time-related, so that we can really focus on what’s important.

Minimalism is about happiness.

Does it make you happy? Part of a series on Motherhood and Minimalism, exploring removing the obligation and clutter from our lives so we can live a life we love! Plus free Henry David Thoreau quote poster printable
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Easy Spring Flower Craft for Kids

We had a miserable rainy day last week. It wasn’t miserable because of the rain, but the rain did stop us from getting outside and cheering up a bit.

We abandoned all work for the day and declared it a crafts & play day, which you just need every once in a while. I set out this simple fine motor craft and the kids loved it!

This easy spring flower craft for kids is also a fine motor activity -- would be a perfect Mother's Day craft! [Read more…]

Montessori-inspired Cinderella Unit Study

Cinderella is the perfect Disney movie to use as inspiration for a Montessori-inspired Disney unit study.

Not only does it have a vibrant cultural aspect (with many cultures having their own version of the Cinderella tale), it also features Cinderella and her mice friends engaging in many practical life activities and offers many opportunities for building emotional intelligence.

Montessori-inspired Cinderella preschool learning. A great Montessori unit study for exploring the practical life activities of Cinderella and multicultural variations of her story [Read more…]

Spring Waldorf Hand Kite

Miss G has loved her Waldorf hand kite since I first made it for her two years ago, and for a simple, homemade toy, it’s surprising how well it has held up and how much play it still gets! (I’ve only had to replace one ribbon!)

For a special Spring treat, I thought we’d change out her fall-coloured ribbons to make a Spring Waldorf Hand Kite.

Quick and easy Spring craft for kids that uses Montessori Practical Life skills to make. This DIY Spring Waldorf Hand Kite is a great homemade toy for kids [Read more…]

What is Permissive Parenting?

I think as a society, we have reached a point where there is widespread acceptance that controlling, authoritarian parenting is not something to aspire to.

Whether we experienced it firsthand, or just watched exaggerated versions of it in the movies, we all know the damage that can be caused by this super-strict form of parenting. Not just to the parent-child relationship, but to the child’s sense of self (schema) and self-worth, as well.

Unfortunately, this widespread knowledge and a misunderstanding of positive parenting has caused another extreme in parenting: permissive parenting.

What is Permissive Parenting? How is Permissive Parenting different from Positive Parenting, and how can Permissive Parents start establishing boundaries?
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