Frozen Inspired Preschool Learning

We’ve really enjoyed exploring the other side of Frozen these past two weeks, and surprisingly, engaging in Frozen-inspired preschool activities has reduced the number of times I’ve been asked to put the movie on!

We used some Reggio and Montessori approaches in developing our mini Frozen-inspired preschool unit study, and used the children’s natural interest in the movie to inspire an appreciation for Scandinavian culture, re-ignite some interest in two of our Montessori works, and engage in some wonderful hands-on provocations and sensory activities.

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Salt Dough Snow Globe Craft

What kid doesn’t love the wonder and beauty of a snow globe?

The Artful Parent had the wonderful idea 3 years ago to gift some peppermint play dough in mason jars and make it look like little snow globe presents.

We did a little spin on that idea and made these peppermint salt dough snowmen slow globes as gifts for the parents of Child’s Garden Montessori.

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Should Parents Take the Lead?

Recently, I engaged in a conversation with a Montessori teacher about child restraints – specifically, can child leashes be used in positive parenting? Is there ever a just reason for using a child leash?

While personally, I don’t think any issue can be cut and dry, I do think it is important to explore the reasons why parents use child leashes and consider alternatives.

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Lean In to Motherhood

In 2013, Sheryl Sandberg released “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” to great and varied response.

The pivotal point in her book was that freshly educated women needed to lean in to their careers and prioritize their professional success in a culture that often sees women holding themselves back. Check out her TED talk, for a quick run-down.

She discussed the ways women self-sabotage, or undervalue their own worth. While Sheryl touched on home life — specifically, making a marriage a true partnership — her focus is on the business world. She didn’t seem to see that some of these women are not just “leaning away” from their careers. They are leaning in to motherhood.

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Frozen Slime on the Light Table

We love sensory play, and it’s even better when that sensory play incorporates as many of the senses as possible!

We recently made this awesome Frozen slime, and after playing with it on a tray for a bit (and assuring myself that it would not stick) we decided to try it out on the light table — and I’m so glad that we did!

Frozen Slime on the Light Table: A Reggio Provocation

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Teaching Kids to “Let It Go”

One of the wonderful aspects of the (possibly over-exposed, very hyped) Disney movie Frozen is the many opportunities it gives for emotional intelligence building.

As part of our Frozen preschool unit, we had two awesome discussions about emotional intelligence, and really we could have so many more (I brainstormed a list for you below).

Today, I’m sharing here about teaching kids to “let it go,” and over at Christian Montessori Network about using fractals to explain social and personal responsibility.

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Unit Study Planning Printables

A couple of weeks ago, I shared how I develop unit studies (along with some printables), keeping true to the Reggio & Montessori spirit.

Today, I want to share with you a set of more comprehensive Montessori unit study printables.

This set of printables is ideal if you are doing a full-fledged unit study that incorporates all subjects. (And can be used separate or as a complement to our monthly subject planner.)

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