Montessori Practical Life Lesson: Pouring Rice

It’s Thursday, so that means another Montessori Practical Life lesson from Beth Holley.

Today we’re discussing how to present dry pouring to children, which helps prepare them for later “wet pouring.”

Pouring from one vessel to another may seem like a basic skill, but this actually requires an advanced awareness of physical quantities called “conservation.” Conservation (in child development terms) is when children are capable of understanding that the amount of something stays the same despite changes in appearance — this is why sometimes a child might try to empty an entire pitcher of water into a cup, because they do not yet fully understand conservation. It is a developmental milestone that cannot be rushed, so if your child is not fully grasping conservation yet, just move on and come back to this lesson when they are developmentally ready.

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Be A Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud Printable

Our kindness chain has been a wonderful addition to our daily routine and work room decor. It has really moved kindness into focus and has improved each of the children’s emotional intelligence — even those who aren’t participating are benefiting from a more peaceful and kind environment.

I wanted to create a poster for our work room that would compliment our kindness chain and inspire us all whenever we saw it — and of course, I wanted to share it with you along with some great ideas for exploring a rainbow theme to help emphasize it’s meaning.

This free inspirational printable would also be a great postcard or as the front of a card — for St. Patrick’s day or whenever someone needs a bit of a boost.

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Upcycle Froot Loops Maracas

These Froot Loop maracas are a great way to upcycle some snack containers and use any bits of leftover dry goods from the pantry.

We made these upcycled maracas as part of our 7 Ways to Play with Froot Loops, but they could me made with beans, rice, or a variety of different dry options to lend them different sounds — kind of like a DIY Montessori Sound Cylinder!

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50+ Rainbow Activities and Snacks — plus give-away!

Three times a year, I team up with some of the fabulous bloggers from my network and we each do a themed round-up on our blogs and offer an amazing give-away!

Today, we’re all bringing you Spring & Easter themed posts, and I just had to do a giant post of rainbow activities and crafts! Here you will find over 50 ideas for rainbow snacks, rainbow crafts, rainbow science, rainbow literacy, rainbow sensory play, and DIY rainbow ideas for grown-ups!

50+ rainbow activities and snacks
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7 Ways to Play with Froot Loops

I recently bought two giant family-sized boxes of Froot Loops for $2.50 each to make our edible rainbow sensory bin, and even though that was a great deal for how much fun and play the kids got out of the sensory bin, I wanted to get a bit more use out of the Froot Loops.

So, I bring you another edition of 7 Ways to Play — our series of frugal sensory play ideas so you can get the most out of your sensory materials.

7 Ways to Play with Froot Loops! 7 frugal hands-on learning activities

7 Ways to Play with Froot Loops!

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Practical Life: Grating Soap

We’re back with another Montessori Practical Life Lesson from Beth Holley of A Montessori Lexicon.

Today, Beth is sharing how to grate soap with the kids, which might seem like an obscure task for a child — but it’s the first step in making clean mud! Grating soap is also a bit more “shelf stable” than putting out an invitation to grate cheese, and children are more able to keep repeating the work whenever they want to, which is a key aspect in the Montessori Method that often gets overlooked.

Of course, learning to grate soap translates to other grating activities — as Beth explains.

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Prioritizing Balance

How is it time for my March goals?!

I’d like to chalk it up to February being a shorter month, but the truth is that I haven’t been prioritizing this month, and as a result, I haven’t met most of my goals.

However, I did make some big life choices and am actively streamlining my life, which is a really hard process for me – someone who’s afraid to close any doors. It all falls under the umbrella of striving for minimalism, which is a bit of a theme for me this year.

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Mermaid Teepee

We have our teepee set up all of the time as a bit of a retreat for Miss G. While it contains several emotional regulation tools (serving as a second peace corner in our home), it’s also often used in her imaginative play, as a reading nook, or even as a nap spot!

I love changing out the hanging silks every season, but I thought I’d embrace Miss G’s current interest in mermaids (from reading some old Irish Fairy Tales) and create a Mermaid Teepee!

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Edible Rainbow Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Even though all of the kids loved our Barley Rainbow Sensory Bin, I wanted to create something a bit more toddler-friendly, one that they could just enjoy without as much correction or me worrying about the digestive consequences of uncooked barley.

This Froot Loops Sensory Bin was super easy to make — as simple as sorting out some Froot Loops — and was played with for hours throughout the week (before I decided that the cereal had been handled enough to warrant throwing it out).

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Chinese New Year Slime & How the Carp Turned into a Dragon

Growing up in Beijing, I loved all of the wonderful Chinese festivals and holidays that I was lucky enough to celebrate. At the time, Westerners were still a novelty to many Chinese people, so we were allowed into festivals and events that are sometimes now closed to the public.

One of my favourite aspects of Chinese holidays is how entrenched they are with tradition and folk tales.

After the success of our Dragon Dance Craft, I wanted to share a traditional Chinese story with Miss G about how hardworking little carp turn into dragons.

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