Where the Wild Things Are (1)

Where the Wild Things Are Sand Tray Activity

Where the Wild Things Are is one of my favourite children’s books of all time, so I am thrilled that it’s this month’s selection for the Virtual Book Club for Kids! Miss G and I did a few fun Where the Wild Things Are activities after reading the book, and today we’re going to share […]

Letter S CVC Pin

CVC Worksheets: S CVC Words

Alecia from Learning2Walk has generously prepared another set of free CVC worksheets for us — this time focusing on S CVC words. These CVC worksheets are not a traditional Montessori material, but they use Montessori concepts to teach children how to read CVC words using three-part cards and a set of fill-in-the-blank cards. The three part cards consists of two sets […]


P is for Puff the Magic Dragon

Have you been following along with our Learning Phonics series, “sss is for sounds?” We have so much fun with these day-long mini-unit studies, which utilize Orton-Gillingham & Jolly Phonics ideas to explore a specific letter sound (phoneme) for an entire day – using gross motor activities, crafts, and even food to help reinforce the […]

Untitled design (24)

Montessori Practical Life Lesson: Cutting Carrots

After the basic Montessori Practical Life Lessons have been completed, encouraging children to be careful and orderly in their work, you can start introducing fun & exciting practical life lessons like this carrot cutting activity. Trusting children with real tools is a huge hurdle for many parents, so following your child’s pace and providing child-sized […]

a tale of two lunches

A Tale of Two Lunches: In Defense of Cute Lunches

It surprise many of you – given that I encourage kids’ kitchen independence and run a Montessori daycare – that my daughter will not be expected to make her school lunches.* In fact, I plan on being one of those “cute lunchbox moms” – armed with my bento boxes, cookie cutters, and themed lunch box […]

Copy of Copy of Copy of What Kids Eat

WKEW #16: Fun Ways to Eat Fruit

Welcome to Week 14 of What Kids Eat Wednesdays, where you can find some great family food ideas, from easy healthy recipes to cute kids’ lunches, and connect with other like-minded parents. Every Wednesday, you can look forward to finding the best kids kitchen ideas, easy healthy recipes for your family, and even learning and sensory activities […]

d nut (1)

Donut Lunch Box Idea

I love easy, healthy lunch box ideas that are also fun for kids. After making doll-sized donuts out of Cheerios for our “d is for donuts” day, I wanted to surprise the kids by making a healthy donut-inspired lunch! This is a simple but still cute lunch box idea that can be ready in less than a […]

Apple Play Dough (2)

Apple Play dough

For our toddler Apple Week, we made this awesome homemade apple play dough and apple play dough invitation. Homemade Apple Play Dough Recipe: 1 cup flour 1/2 cup salt 1 T Cream of Tartar (I’ve heard that alum or citric acid also work but haven’t tried) 1 tsp apple scent 1 cup water 1T oil […]

red velvet (1)

Red Velvet S’more Cupcakes

One of the most popular easy dessert recipes on Study at Home Mama is our 10-minute S’mores Refrigerator Cake, and after recently sharing my recipe for a naturally red red velvet cupcake on my friend Kelli’s blog, I was struck with a bit of inspiration… Combining two of my favourite desserts to make this red velvet s’more […]

Tips for Raising (1)

Raising Children to be Internally Motivated

Raising children to be internally motivated in a society that focuses on cheap thrills and “15 minutes of fame” can be difficult. However, raising children who are self-motivated is a surefire way to ensure that your child will be able to succeed later in life. Successful people know what hard work is – and that […]

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