Link Love, Volume 2

Thanks for sticking with me through a week of reviews! Below are my favourite links from the past week — please let me know if you suggest any links or have a blog that you’d like me to consider for future inclusion. Please share any thoughts in the comments!

While I know that not everything is ideal in France, I think the government’s unwaivering commitment to a work-life balance is amazing, and this new development making it illegal for companies to expect employees to be available after 6pm. Having just come off of a job that routinely required about 10+ hours of unpaid work per week, I hope that more countries take note… though we’re already about 15 years behind France when it comes to (certain) employee rights!

We’re loving this 16 minute long audio story from the Philippines, Aponibolinayen and the Healing Oranges. Storynory is a great site that exists thanks to donations, so while you can listen to the stories for free, I have been donating $1 for each story that we listen to — we really enjoy these during the transition from lunch to nap time. (You can also read the entire script through the link if you want to pre-read.)

I have been loving Pepper Design Blog for a few years now, and though her content is mostly related to the ongoing renovations and decorating of her amazing Spanish bungalow, I cannot help but share a link this week after she shared a couple of the home’s before and after pictures (or should I say before and current?) I think the word transformation is almost an understatement and it speaks to the amount of possibility and potential that any home can have with the right attitude and determination. (Some of the most significant changes are primarily decor-based so don’t get too intimidated to click over!)

A not-so-quick but still easy DIY light bright board for overtop of your light table!

This article on Project-Based Learning is a touch-stone for me, as I haven’t yet had time to delve into more substantial readings on the topic.

In tandem with last week’s article on the importance of risky-play, Forbes’ article on the importance of play-based learning this week

A couple of Christian reads that I think are of interest (for those who are interested): Jonathan Merritt’s piece about Jesus befriending sinners (and not necessarily those interested in forgiveness, yet) and Rachel Held Evan’s post about the connection between patriarchy and abuse — in developing nations and in churches. I am proud to belong to a movement of Christians speaking out against the abuses that she describes.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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